Tamara Haring

Music is inspirational.

Which is why Tamara Haring listened to jazz while designing the 2017 Berks Jazz Fest merchandise logo.

“I wanted a logo that reflected a jazz vibe,” said the owner of Tamara Haring Design, a graphic design, advertising, branding and web business in Oley.

Haring, while not a jazz buff, was not a novice when it came to designing for a jazz product.

“I did artwork for a jazz artist who is the son of a friend,” Tamara said.

Haring worked on about eight images before she captured the look she wanted.

“The logo has rhythm, balance and a lot of color,” she explained. “It’s bold and vibrant with a lot of pop. It reflects a jazz vibe.”

Haring, a graduate of Kutztown State College (now Kutztown University), has worked for the advertising department of Smith Kline and French (now GlaxoSmithKline), Kutztown Publishing Company, Gilbert Commonwealth’s (now Worley Parsons) advertising department and Tom Sheehan Worldwide advertising/marketing agency. She also has done various freelance projects.

When Haring is not designing, she enjoys community work, gardening, cooking and travel.