If you love cruises, jazz and special offers, Entertainment Cruise Productions and the Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest will transport you to the destination of your dreams.

For many years, Berks Jazz Fest and ECP, the producer of more than 50 jazz cruises in the past 17 years, have partnered to support each other’s efforts.

ECP, working with Berks Jazz Fest general manager John Ernesto, has created a very special program for friends of Berks Jazz Fest to sail on the Blue Note at Sea or The Jazz Cruise or both cruises aboard the Celebrity Summit.

Here are links for complete information on the cruises, including links to in-depth brochures.

The Jazz Cruise Info:

Blue Note at Sea Info:

For Berks Jazz Fest fans, there will be special prices, payment terms, embarkation procedures, onboard credits and special onboard activities with John Ernesto serving as host.

“Along with Michael Lazaroff and the entire ECP team, we have created a wonderful jazz cruise experience for all our loyal Berks Jazz Fest patrons and friends,” said Ernesto. “We invite all members of the Berks Jazz Fest family to join the Berks group on either the Blue Note at Sea cruise or The Jazz Cruise — or both!

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Eric Darius and Michael Lazaroff

Our Take: Next Year, Go To Berks Jazz Fest!
(EDITOR’S NOTE: Michael Lazaroff, Executive Director of Entertainment Cruise Productions, and his wife, Paula, attended the recent Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest. Here is their recap that was published in the ECP Weekender Newsletter.)

Recently, we had the pleasure of attending a portion of Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest. The event has a rich history and is masterfully curated and produced by one of our fellow cruisers, John Ernesto. Clearly a labor of love for John, the event covers at least 10 days (two main weekends) and offers guests the opportunity to selectively attend those events they desire by purchasing as many or as few tickets as they desire.

To me, the genius of this event is that John can put together a broad array of jazz talent and make that work. In this age of hyper-focused events geared to the slimmest niches of interest, John takes out a large jazz brush, more like a roller, and paints his hometown with all that jazz.

In a few hours span, I listened to Anat Cohen with Gary Versace, bumped into Jeff Hamilton and then heard West Coast Jam, featuring Rick Braun, Norman Brown and Richard Elliot. And, my total walking distance was about 300 feet. The next day, I had coffee with Brian Culbertson, purchased a poster signed by Dave Brubeck at an auction, heard Rick Braun do a tribute the Chet Baker and ended the evening introducing and hearing Marcus Miller.

All in all, it was a jazz buffet only filled with top artists and events. Kudos to my good friend, John Ernesto, but the message here is that you really should take in this gem next year.

Amazing music, great venues, nicest hosts in the world and a great opportunity to chat it up with fellow jazz fans and the artists. Fabulous! One of these days, someone will figure out how to do the same thing on a cruise ship. Oops, I guess that is what we are trying to do!

Seriously, we greatly appreciate this professional, friendly and awesome event that John offers annually.

Next year, go to the Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest. We will be there for sure!