They met for the first time when they were music majors at DePaul University.

Flash forward, Michelle and Brian Culbertson celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary last October.

With love, romance and his wife serving as his motivation, Brian Culbertson started writing material in early 2017 inspired by the occasion, crafting 13 new songs that was released as Colors of Love, on Valentine’s Day on the BCM Entertainment label.

The seduction has started as the title track, a sensual R&B groove illuminated by Culbertson’s lyrical acoustic piano melodies typical of the collection’s contents, is being played on radio.

Culbertson will support the release of Colors of Love with a spring tour that stops in Reading on Friday, April 6, 7:30 p.m., to kick off the 28th annual Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest at the Santander Performing Arts Center.

Colors of Love is Culbertson’s 18th overall CD release and his third independent album funded by an Indiegogo campaign.

Having spent most of his career on a major label, the freedom to follow his creative muse is clear on Colors of Love, a complete contrast to “Funk!,” the 2016 release that featured a full-band funk/R&B workout.

Culbertson describes Colors of Love as “purposely electronic, using very modern sounds and production” with his acoustic piano serving as the singular lead voice throughout the intimate recording.

The quiet and contemplative tracks are textured atmospherics and gentle R&B grooves — soothing beds for Culbertson’s melodic piano expressions of ardor. Sharing the recording process via Facebook live, Culbertson polled his audience and they voted that Colors of Love be instrumental only.

“The music on Colors of Love explores all aspects of what love is,” said Culbertson. “It’s a deep word that says a lot of things. There’s passionate love; love at first sight; longing love; lost love.
“Each color represents a different type of love. There are heart-wrenching songs, cuddly love — all kinds of different love songs.

“I’ve been playing Through the Years from the new CD in my set since the Berks Jazz Fest last year. The response has been very emotional. Clearly this music touches a nerve – or the heart to be more exact.”

So what can fans expect with the new live show.

“It’s going to be a very theatrical presentation with video images and lighting timed to the music,” said Culbertson. “This music is visual and cinematic, so the show needs to be visual to complement the experience. It’s going to be larger than life when you see it live.”